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Growth spurt baby:How the baby develops in the first year

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Theresa Koster
Theresa Koster

Anyone with a baby within a year may accompany, he is again and again amazed at the development and growth spurts it does at this time.

From the small, helpless newborn baby became a small child who acquired many skills. It can crawl , it makes understandable sounds, maybe it can to run , himself with his parents communicate and show what it wants. A wonderful time for parents who anticipate every growth spurt with great joy.

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What happens during a growth spurt?

The baby is probably growing faster Not quite! A growth spurt doesn't just indicate that it's growing faster. If one speaks of a growth spurt, then the developmental spurts meant. At certain intervals the little human child goes through certain leaps in development. At the same time, the motor and cognitive development rapidly on:

  • There are 8 growth spurts in the first 14 months of life

First growth spurt:

From the 5th week. The baby is more aware of its surroundings. It gives you its first smile. It wakes up more often, its feeling of hunger increases.

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Second growth spurt:

From the 8th week. The senses are strengthened. The baby can see the world in color.

Third growth spurt:

From the 12th week. Communication with the baby increases. The voice helps him. The baby's movements become more and more secure.

Fourth growth spurt:

From the 19th week. The baby grows rapidly, and the muscles grow with it. The baby can lie stably on his stomach.

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Fifth growth spurt:

From the 26th week. The baby learns new sounds. It also learns to discover feelings for itself.

Sixth growth spurt:

From the 37th week. The sixth growth spurt focuses more on motor skills. The baby learns to crawl and to explore its surroundings.

Seventh growth spurt:

From the 46th week. The baby is already pulling itself up on objects. Motor skills in hands and feet are further increased.

Eighth growth spurt

From the 55th week. The baby takes its first steps. It follows the actions of the other family members with great interest.

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How do I recognize a growth spurt??

If there is a new growth spurt, the baby often shows up tearful and clingy . It reacts immediately more sensitive to his environment . But also in eating habits the developmental push is noticeable.

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Either it has increased hunger , because the small body and the muscles are growing a lot, or it scorns its favorite porridge mixture, because that feeling hungry simply not given is. Sometimes it's more hungry and sometimes less, that's nothing unusual.

The sleep behavior is also influenced by the 8 growth spurts, because the child sleeps more restlessly . It often demands the full attention of parents before embarking on the journey of dreams.

When do growth spurts occur and how long do they last??

The above information is only an indication of time, a guide value so to speak. Nevertheless, they are shaping up individual pushes individually , because every child lays his own pace of development Celebration. The times given are mean values of the statistics. Not more.

How long such a boost take , is too individually from baby to baby . This usually lasts a week. The little human child is much more affectionate and constantly seeks contact with mom and dad.

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How can I help my baby with the growth spurt?

The magic word is vicinity . The baby needs more closeness during this time. This gives security and build this trust up to the parents. From now on you have to learn that Interpret the wishes of their offspring even better to be able to

Harmonious coexistence is now required increases understanding and much time together. Crying phases are not uncommon, a gentle caress, a hug, that helps.

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Also, give your baby all the time in the world. It takes time to get used to the new situation that the growth spurt brings. A familiar environment and a lot of nest warmth are now the most important things.

Baby's body growth in the first year

That growth plays an important role for the child, so a healthy baby grows in the first 12 months up to 25 cm . It is about 2.5 cm per month from birth to 6 months of age. From the 7th to the 12th month of life, 1.3 cm per month are reached. So much Growth, how the little human child in the first 12 months achieved in her life, it will be in later life never again to reach.

Time goes by and the adorable little creature, which was helpless and small at the beginning of its life, became a lively toddler who wants to discover the world for himself.

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Thank parents falls it difficult , herself to the beginning of her baby's being to remember and in how small and fragile it at his birth actually was. The adventure of growing up has picked up speed too quickly and completed the baby's development.

You often have a hard time imagining how tiny this little whirlwind once was. Why was that? That's something completely normal. Even parents cannot always remember everything, time erases the memory or small parts of it. It is all the better if parents appropriate memento have at hand which one shows how it all began.

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The personalized baby poster

Thatpersonalized baby posters is made to capture a very special moment in life - the moment the child is born. Based on the baby poster, a Birth image in 1:1 scale shown. A poster tailored to the little ones is a truly unique , which from now on may adorn the walls. Because everything started so small. The personalized baby poster is there.

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Versatile design options for the personalized baby poster

You decide in which design your baby will be presented. From many design suggestions you can choose and determine the position of your baby on the baby poster.

Is there a sibling? Then this can sometimes also be immortalized on the baby poster if there is not yet a 1 : 1 birth poster for it.

Also with them Colours you have the choice. There are 7 different colors for you to choose from. How can the background color of the baby poster be designed White, Grey, Beige, Rose, Green, Dark Gray or Blue?

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That Date of birth of the baby is an important part of the baby poster. It is just as important to many parents that they Weight and the size of their offspring can hold on to forever. That is why this data can also be found on the1:1 scale birth poster a.

the time birth, a very significant time that turns life upside down from now on. Nevertheless, it will be quickly forgotten if the right memento on the wall does not remind you of it. The time of birth - the time of birth - can also be noted on the personalized baby poster.

Create your own baby poster and the time so can hold on forever . Admire a formative event in life forever as a wall decoration campaign and know that it is beautifully framed.

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A poster that bears your baby's name and identifies itself on high-quality paper is a piece of yours. It brings pride Confidence in the future years together and it gives an idea of how you felt back then, when the desired child see the light of day t felt. At that time your heart was filled with infinite joy and this joy was omnipresent when you marveled at the 1:1 birth poster.

you got that life a very special gift - your baby. But this one doesn't stay small forever, so the custom build should be in Poster shape be used that you your small miracle so you can hold on forever.

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Milestone Cards: The first year documented

Life is documented, written down, recorded. But what about those very important experiences in life? Are they written down or are they simply forgotten? Do you remember when your baby the shot for the first time Do you remember when it did learned to sit did it give you that smiled for the first time has It were very special moments of happiness.

Nevertheless, there is probably no longer a suitable date for this. That is also nothing unusual, because even parents cannot associate each of their experiences with a date. Only if they have the right ones milestone cards have, they still succeed many years later. Finally, on the individual milestone cards all major advances and events of the little earthling recorded.

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What are milestone cards?

themilestone cardsyou can use it to the individual development and growth spurts to document your child and to hold on forever. These cards accompany you through that first year of life and create impressive memories of a time that was full of new impressions and new things to learn.

The milestone cards proudly reflect everything that the baby has learned in the first 12 months of life. What was the baby able to do at 4 months, what was the baby able to do at 8 months, the milestone cards point it out and tell how fast the development progressed in the first year . The child's development can be understood in this way.

This is a particular concern for many parents. For them, the milestone cards are not just any cards, they reflect the most beautiful experiences in the first year of life with the child. The growth as well as the development can like that perfectly reproduced after many years will. Because baby's milestone cards hold it tight.

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45 cards in DIN A6 format show the progress of the child and their further development. The cards come in a premium storage box that opens and closes magnetically.

This gives the parents their own little treasure chest that shows the special moments in the first year of life with their child. A year of life that is colourful, highly interesting and mega-exciting. Life with a baby moves so quickly, what remains are milestone cards in their colorful designs that remind you of it.

Milestone cards are therefore no ordinary note cards. There is a little person that makes these cards very special note cards - your child.

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