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Christening gift godchild

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Christening present for the godchild

Welcome to life, that's what a lovingly designed christening party wants to announce. Little earthlings should be duly welcomed into this world. A world of beauties and mysteries. A world with small and big wonders. Welcome to your path - little human child, that's what the baptismal celebration is supposed to express.

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The great, beautiful adventure that began at the moment of birth is already waiting for the human child. That is why baptism is celebrated with the right choice of christening gifts comes along.

What do you give your godchild for baptism?

A question that every godfather asks in advance. There are many gifts for godparents. With a little inspiration, the perfect baptismal gift can be found immediately. It can be revealed in advance that this gift always has a touch individuality should carry in itself .

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

godfather to become is recognition and responsibility simultaneously. A godfather is considered companion of the child for life . He will be there when he starts school, when he receives communion and confirmation or when he graduates from school. A godfather is seen as the companion of life. He will be out of the way at times, but whenever the godchild experiences joy and sorrow, the godfather will be there to support his to shake hands with the protégé. That's why it can be the gift of baptism be selected with great care.

What is special about baptism?

Baptism is one non-denominational sacrament , with which parents introduce not only the youngest member of the family to the Church, but them introduce their baby to the whole community - families, friends and acquaintances, which will henceforth accompany the growing up of the small child. The small miracle is the focus of the celebration.

The holy sacraments are

  • Baptism
  • First Communion & Confirmation
  • penance / confession
  • Before
  • consecration
  • Anointing of the Sick

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

The little miracle of life is accepted into the church community with baptism. A solemn ceremony is held. This ceremony is all about the baby in a pretty christening gown. It is little kid's big day , it is the celebration that is held only for her or him and it is the ones that are brought along christening gifts attending this family celebration remember for a lifetime . A life that embossed should be of happiness, cheerfulness and infinite optimism .

Traditional christening gifts for the godchild

There are christening gifts that are part of every baptism and they already have a long tradition. Such a gift includes:

  • the christening candle
  • the christening ring
  • the Bible

The christening candle

The christening candle wears one very high symbolic value in itself. She should baptize accompany you on your way in life . The christening candle should always be light source be valid. This candle is closely related to the christening ceremony. It is lit at the Easter candle that is found at the altar. This act of ceremony pauses at every baptismal festival.

The Christening Ring

Also the christening ring has a long tradition with a deep meaning. He is symbolic of the Love between God and the little human child , which is sealed by baptism. As an alternative to the baptismal ring, the baptismal cross or the baptismal clock are of course available. All of these items will worn as a pendant on a fine necklace.

The Bible

„Let the children come to me, so proclaims the Bible. With baptism, this request is gladly complied with. Anyone who can count themselves a child of God from now on should be able to trust his words again and again later in life. These can be found and read in the Bible. We will be happy to do so children's bible resorted to. Because she offers colorful pictures and the individual stories build on one child-friendly storytelling on.

A personalized gift for the baptism of the godchild

What is special about personalized christening gifts?

Personalized christening gifts let people know this gift is real made just for you you wear one high individuality in themselves and are therefore distinctive . Also each infant shows itself unmistakably, it is a unique miracle , for which a conventional christening present would never suffice.

A personalized baptism gift with dynamics - the baby poster

The personalized birth poster in 1:1 scale is often the first choice for godparents when it comes to this perfect christening gift goes. The baptized should be the star of the day and make it big. The personalized birth poster creates this 1:1 scale . It shows the baby in its size and can also be used with the matching personal information to be completed. The personalized birth poster from MeinBabyposter makes the Celebration around the baptismal celebration completely.

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A baby poster bearing the baby's name

But the personalized 1:1 birth poster is not only made perfect with names, it also contains other important data. That Date of birth , the time of birth , Weight and size . the design options show diverse and the basic color of the baby poster can also be chosen freely.

Seven primary colors are available. It doesn't always have to rely on the classic pink or blue. Also the position of the baby can be changed with a mouse click and the personalized birth poster in a 1: 1 scale gets its own very own effectiveness.

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

A unique gift idea for parents and child

The baby poster with its special design options is sure of that. With just a few clicks of the mouse, an exclusive baby poster can be created that will make the baptized big and awaken the anticipation of the christening party. The MeinBabyposter support team is always happy to help if you have any questions. This gives every godparent the opportunity to create a unique and individually tailored baby poster in excellent print quality. The parents will enjoy this gift for a long time and will be able to show the child again and again how small it was.

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Design baby posters now 

What can a christening gift for the godchild cost?

Typical costs

The cost of the christening gift always depends on which gift is chosen. The presents lie between 50 and 150 EUR. Each guest should decide for themselves how much they want to spend on the baptism gift.

The cost of a baby poster

These are under this budget. who a Personalized birth poster in 1: 1 scale for his godchild want to make, has to charge 45 EUR for it. 45 euros - who stand for inventiveness, dynamism and personality. Personality that is tailored 1 : 1 to the little earthling.

Design baby posters now 

Individual christening gifts for the godchild

They show: You are important to me! They proclaim: You are my sunshine! That's why it can't be just any one christening gift be, but one that full of ideas and the love for one another . Individual christening gifts for the godchild are tailored to this.

she show at first glance how valuable young life is meanwhile for the people around him has become. A christening gift that bears your name. The fact that your very personal dates of birth are kept, that shows your size at birth, that sparkles with energy and confidence.

What is an individual gift?

An individual gift differs from a classic one in that it is a personal dedication or personalized data having. An individual gift carries one names , has a personal text and personalized details , which are there for the best.

Baby poster, the personal gift for birth

The unique baby poster shows which one important status the baptismal candidate has already taken on in life and how important it is. who a personal gift for baptism presented, the gives joy, recognition, appreciation and a lot of love.

With the baby poster, one may custom made be presented, in which the handover is considered a creative designer and shaper. He gives the Data of the baby. He chooses the right one design of the baby. He decides who position of the baby and completes the personalized baby poster in the 1:1 scale with the personal data.

Designing your own poster has never been so easy and expressive. Thanks to MyBabyposter really anyone can become a poster designer.Design baby posters now 

The special design adapted to the favorite color

This is also easy to implement. Because with MeinBabyposter you can choose from 7 basic colors. If the color white seems too simple and everyday to you, you can opt for a light gray tone, for a soft beige tone.

But maybe the color should Pink, Green, Dark Gray or Blue being. The color pink is still trusted for a girl and the boy usually gets the basic color Blue . Who it a tick more creative wishes, he may choose beige or Green . friends of minimalistic Design like to trust White, Gray or Dark Gray.

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

Baptism gift in time for baptism

The baptismal gift may be presented at the festival, which has a highly symbolic character, and delight the hearts of the parents. They are happy about the baptismal gift they brought and it is important to surprise them in advance.

When will the baptismal gift be given??

Immediately after the celebrations the various christening gifts are also presented. Symbolically, the gifts are given to the baby. Which parents treasure with pride and appreciation. that itself a personalized birth poster on a scale of 1: 1 will soon be on the wall as decoration , is clear. Because no object can decorate your own walls better than a baby poster that shows the dates of your little darling.

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

When to order so that it arrives on time?

As soon as the invitation to the christening arrives, you can start designing the MyBabyposter. Godparents who become aware of the personalized baby posters a few days before the celebration can also benefit from the MeinBabyposter delivery service, because in 1 to 3 working days is the poster with the customers. On one free express shipping become trusted.

The christening gift with a lasting memory

The right baptism gift is usually a proud companion for a lifetime. Once in a while does it have one deep symbolic value , sometimes there it has one high personal worth . In the best case, it skilfully combines both values and expresses the importance of the small human child in the family and group of friends.

Taufgeschenk Patenkind

The christening gift may therefore also be used as a welcome gift be considered. That take small miracles man protected in his midst and hand him the appropriate christening present. This gives memorabilia and shows how quietly and quietly the journey of life once began.

Christening gifts with a lasting memory always want to convey a certain message. This message will be:

There will be hands to give support as long as they are needed.

There will be feet that accompany as long as it is desired.

There will be hearts that love as long as they live.

 Design baby posters now  

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