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Christening gift for boys

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Appropriate christening gift for boys

Baptism is for Christians one of the greatest events in a person's life . Most baptisms take place in childhood. In many families, children are baptized in their first year of life.

This festival is often the occasion not only to admit the offspring into the church community, but also to introduce them to the entire family. With baptism, Christians believe, the child is under God's special protection.

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Baptism gifts should be chosen to be appropriate for this special occasion. On appropriate christening gift for a boy should therefore lasting value , individually and traditional or personalized being.

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The MeinBabyposter can be individually designed so that it is truly unique. Great baptism gift.
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What do you give a boy for christening and why? 

Baptism makes a Christian a Christian. Even if the person should later leave the church, he/she always remains a Christian. The importance attached to this church sacrament is correspondingly high. Grandparents, godparents and other guests at the baptism therefore usually choose gifts that are of lasting value, individual and traditional.

The holy sacraments are

  • Baptism
  • First Communion & Confirmation
  • penance / confession
  • Before
  • consecration
  • Anointing of the Sick

Background: What is special about baptism?

Baptism has and still has enormous significance on several levels: First of all, with baptism, the parents and godparents promise to bring up the child in faith in God. In addition, for many Christians, baptism is associated with the trust that child is under the special protection of God for life . With baptism, the child also becomes part of the church community.

The godparents should support the parents in their Christian upbringing. In addition, it used to be the case that the godparents were supposed to take care of the child if something happened to the parents. This is no longer legally the case today, but many parents still choose their godparents from this point of view.

It is not absolutely necessary to carry out a baptism as a child or baby. Also adult baptisms are possible. But many Christians choose to have their offspring baptized in their first year of life.

Why do you give at all for baptism?

On the one hand, baptism gifts should underline the importance of baptism. Therefore, by many people to baptism precious gifts presented. In addition, traditional gifts are commonplace at baptism and are signs of faith. They are intended to support and confirm the person being baptized in their practice of faith. And finally, there is also the motivation to relieve the baptized and their family financially with the baptismal gift.

What are typical gifts for boys on the occasion of baptism?

Classic christening gifts for boys mostly religious gifts : Christening bracelets, necklaces with a guardian angel pendant or a cross pendant are high on the list of typical christening gifts for boys. As a rule, these pieces of jewelry are made of silver or gold in order to be particularly high-quality and durable.

A children's bible and a wooden ark with plug-in figures or play figures are also very popular, traditional christening gifts that are equally suitable for boys and girls. Monetary gifts in the form of savings accounts or a small gold bar are also gladly handed over on the occasion of the baptism.

Personalized Christening Gift for Boys

An alternative to the traditional, religious christening gifts for boys is a personalized gift for baptism . Personalized christening gifts are usually less traditional but very individual due to the personalization.

The more individual such a gift is, the more it shows how much the giver busy with the baptized to have. The classics include christening candles with names and christening date or personalized christening crosses. However, these gifts are usually reserved for godparents or grandparents. Often even the parents would like to design the purchase candle or the baptismal cross themselves or have them designed.

On individually designed poster by MeinBabyposter is just as individual, high-quality and personal as the traditional personalized christening gifts for boys:

  • There are several artistically high-quality designed baby motifs to choose from 1-to-1 birth size of the child to be printed.
  • Additionally can Surname and date of birth of the baptized person be printed.

    Depending on how big the baby is at the christening, the Height of the child at the time of baptism as well as that date of baptism including name are printed. This creates a very personal christening gift for the little boy, which the parents can also look forward to every day when they see it hanging in the children's room.Design now

    What can a christening present for boys cost?

    It is not possible to say in general terms how expensive a christening gift for boys should be. Because this of course depends on how close the donors are to the person being baptized.

    The grandparents, aunts and uncles as well as the godparents will certainly invest more in the christening gift than other, more distant guests of the christening. In addition, the amount always depends on the individual possibilities.

    In principle, however, a christening present should be larger than a birthday or Christmas present. When rough guideline depending on the aspects mentioned above, an amount can be between 50 and 150 euros start.

    • Onpersonalized birth poster from MeinBabyposter costs 45 euros including shipping and is therefore absolutely within the budget.
    • If you want, you can print the baby poster directly with one of the optional frame order together or order the baby poster rainbow poster complete to make the children's room particularly beautiful. Just like the baby poster, the rainbow poster can be individualized in many different ways.

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    Individual christening gift for boys

    Based on a well-known proverb one can say: „Show me what you are giving away and I will tell you who you are.

    A gift is all the more valuable the more suitable it is chosen. Appropriate means that the gift is geared towards both the occasion and the recipient. Therefore, gifts that are personalized are particularly appropriate and valuable.

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    If you are skilled with your hands, you can design an individual christening candle yourself, make a piece of jewelery in a jeweller's workshop or put together a christening album from high-quality materials.

    But even people who are less creatively inclined can give real unique pieces as gifts:

    That MyBabyposter can be customized so that real unique arises. Because with this poster you can choose between several motifs and background colors. Name, date of birth or christening as well as the size of the child can be selected individually. That's how it's made over 10,000 different variants .Design now

    Baptism gift in time for baptism

    Guests at the baptism hand over the baptismal gift during the celebration that takes place after the actual baptism.

    There are only a few exceptions to this rule: if a christening gown or a christening candle is given as a gift, both of which are used during the christening ceremony, these gifts are of course presented well in advance of the christening.

    And neighbors or more distant relatives who cannot (or cannot) take part in the baptismal ceremony themselves only hand over or send baptismal gifts for the little boy and his parents after the baptism.

    If you order a christening gift online or create one in an online shop like MeinBabyposter, you should always keep an eye on the delivery times. For the production and dispatch of a personalized poster from MeinBabyposter must, from receipt of payment, one to three working days be included. To be on the safe side, a few days' waiting time should be allowed for if the courier wants to make the delivery when no one is at home. Then: At such an important celebration as a baptism, no one wants to turn up without a gift.

    Christening gift with a lasting memory

    Baptism is one of the two (Protestants) or seven (Catholics) sacraments known to Christians. A sacrament is understood as a symbolic-ritual act through which God connects and blesses people in their faith. Accordingly, a christening gift should do justice to this milestone in the little boy's life.

    A christening gift that will be remembered also helps to strengthen the relationship with the person being baptized. And baptism is not only about the relationship between the person being baptized and God, it is also about accepting the Christian into the community of believers. A picture that adorns your own room is sure to be remembered.

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    whichChristening gifts for girls are particularly well suited, we have described in another article.