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Baptism gift grandson

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The perfect christening gift for grandchildren

On grandchild to get is that greatest gift , life at a mature age can make. the whole pride , all attention is focused on the little human being who will call you grandma and grandpa. Family is your pride and having a grandchild will be yours Complete family happiness did.

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What do you give grandchildren for baptism?

The selection of gifts is varied. But your grandchild can only the best , sometimes too the most unusual being. Because this grandchild brings new life, new colors and new adventures into everyday life, so it can be for your grandchild a unique gift being.

What is special about baptism?

That will happen with baptism little human child presented to the community and into the community recorded . It will welcomed and it finds its place in the middle. That it is the focus of his christening ceremony and the best wishes for the future can take with you, of course.

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The baptism ceremony is tailored to the person being baptized, and their blessing is asked for. So that the child from an early age go through life strengthened can. The godfather is provided to accompany the child. The godfather will always extend his hand to the person being baptized.

Why do you give something?

Baptism is a special event in the life of a small human child. Everyone wants to give the child the right gift to take with them. A gift - that memento to your own baptism.

Typical gifts for baptism

The choice is great. It will be happy to traditional gifts with a religious background trusted. But, so much can be revealed at this point: We will present a more unusual gift to you later.

  • The chain of baptism

The baptism chain is already on integral part of baptism . It is recognizable in a wide variety of materials and different followers are on her. The Guardian Angel chosen. He should protect and protect the child. He should accompany the child on all his ways.

  • The baptismal cross

The cross is that Religious community icon , so the baptismal cross is very important. It is often given at baptism. Mostly it is made of wood and bears the name of the person to be baptized as well as a matching saying .

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  • The children's cutlery

If you don't just want to present the famous silver spoon at the baptism, then decide for onen children's cutlery . This is found in beautiful packaging and is also considered a souvenir.

  • The Children's Bible

The children's bible does that Word of God in a childlike way understandable. It shows colorful pictures and this book can be browsed together with the parents at a young age.

Personalized christening gifts for grandchildren

Why should you give your grandchild a classic christening gift without recognition value give your grandchildren are something very special for you, so they are allowed to personalized christening gifts be presented.

the den names , the Date of birth , the time of birth and much more important data. Such a baptism gift shows that the person to be baptized is not just one child among many, but the sunshine in the family.

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The baby poster as a christening gift

After many years, it still gives an idea of how small the offspring used to be. Because the personalized birth poster was 1:1 scale modeled after The baby poster shows the little human child in its full size. In addition, it allows Date of birth , the time of birth , the Weight like them size to note. Everything that seems important can be immortalized in the baby poster.

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The child's most important data will never be forgotten. Because honestly, who knows today what size the 6-year-old granddaughter was when she was born? You have already forgotten the exact time of the birth of the 4-year-old grandson. You remember how you felt that day and that this day is one of the most beautiful days of your life. But with the best will in the world you can't remember the exact time..

The baby poster: A nice idea for parents and children

Parents will be delighted with the baby poster, which reproduces their offspring at a scale of 1:1. Because this is how the moment of the moment is captured forever in the right poster. But also the children will enjoy it when they do it in later years be reminded of how small they once were. Because the Time never stands still , it is all the nicer to know how small and fragile you were at the time of birth.

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Special designs are possible with the trendy baby poster:

  • choose that design that you like best.
  • give the names of the child.
  • Definitely the position of the child
  • Choose 7 colors the end
  • give them dates of birth to: height, weight, date of birth
  • Optionally, the time of birth to get voted

Design baby posters now

Good to know: The selectable options result in several thousand design possibilities – by entering the dates of birth each baby poster becomes a real one-of-a-kind .View posters 

What can a baptism gift for grandchildren cost?

Grandparents spare no expense when it comes to their grandson's christening gift. They want to give a gift that can not only be seen as a nice gesture, but that shows how important the newcomer is to them.

How expensive are christening gifts usually??

The prices of the christening gifts vary very different . How much a christening gift can cost usually depends on how close the relationship to the baptized is.

Many grandparents want a keepsake for their sunshine that the whole family can enjoy. You can show the child at the age of a few years with the baby poster: Look - you were so small once. When a baby has become a toddler, this can already be implemented perfectly.

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To come back to the question: How expensive are christening gifts usually For a christening gift that is convincing and pretty to look at, you have ton around 50 euros be issued. For many souvenirs, this amount is sufficient. It has to be taken into account that jewelery is a bit more expensive, especially if it is real jewellery.

The baby poster - unbeatable in price and performance

With just under 45 euros beats that baby poster , which turns out to be a birth poster in the 1:1 scale to be recognized. So if you want a christening gift that not only conveys a high symbolic value, but is also ideal, you can choose the baby poster as a christening gift. It appears individually , it is unique and it is matched to the person being baptized in terms of lettering and design. The EUR 45 that the 1: 1 scale birth poster costs is therefore considered perfect Investment in an ingenious christening gift.

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Individual christening gifts for grandchildren

The best thing that can happen to you as you get older is becoming a grandmother and grandfather. This is a joy that can hardly be put into words. But this joy can be immortalized and shown in the matching baby poster, you were so small once and we were so happy about it that we had an individual baby poster made for you. A poster that bears your name and shows you in your full size when you saw the light of day.

Why is an individual gift better?

There are many gifts around the birth and the new addition to the family. But if giving is supposed to have more meaning, if it's supposed to be fun and bring joy to the givers themselves, then it stands out the perfect gift with a lot of individuality out for it.

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The personal arrangement when giving gifts is brilliantly expressed by an individual gift. No classic gift can ever do what a custom-made one-off can made with love and inspiration is, realized.

What is an individual gift?

Individual gift ideas are tailored to giving. There are custom-made products , made just for you or the offspring in the family. You have based on her individuality a very special touch. A note that giftgiving personal and more imaginative designed.

Individual gifts ensure that Wow effect when giving . They surprise and they ensure that the Presented with joy for a long time to have.

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Many givers often think big about what they can surprise with. If only they knew how easy it is to put this into practice and is rewarded with beaming faces.

Baby poster: The beautiful individual gift for baptism

One Baptism is a very big experience in young life . A baptism has a lot much symbolism . A christening ceremony shows that the new addition to the family makes those around him happy. Therefore, an individual gift for the baptism may be selected. The baby poster, the one 1:1 scale personalized birth poster is, is therefore for many the first choice .

How to color the baby poster?

The colors: White , Gray , beige , pink , Green , dark grey and Blue are available. Many customers put their trust in the soft shade of green, but the shade of beige is also popular. Clearly, pink is often the first color choice for a girl and blue for a boy.

Baptism gift in time for baptism

What would a christening be like, without the right gifts? It wouldn't be complete, something would be missing. That's why you can look around for the right baptismal gift for your grandchild in good time..

When do you hand over the baptismal gift??

Were the religious celebrations ended , it's about time that christening gift in the form of the baby poster proud to hand over . The little human child receives his christening gifts, which the parents accept with great joy. When the baby poster is presented, it will surely soon find its rightful place on the wall and be seen as the most beautiful wall decoration henceforth.

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When to order so that it arrives on time?

Is the invitation fluttered into the house for the baptism, can already received the order at MeinBabyposter . Will shorter term If the grandparents are still looking for the right christening gift, MeinBabyposter and their delivery service will do their best to ensure that the gift arrives on time for the christening. For the free express delivery are 1 to 3 business days to plan If a christening gift is needed for the last minute, the baptismal child can also have one Voucher for a baby poster be presented. This can be print it out at home .

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Christening gift with a lasting memory

Some moments in life have one lasting memory . For the individual, for a couple, for a whole family. So that your grandchild's baptism is a lasting memory, it is important that you appropriate memento have to. That can be admired and that indicates , that this live a great miracle is.

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