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Saying for star child

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Sayings for star children and their bereaved

A positive pregnancy test, the parents-to-be can hardly believe their luck. The joy of the addition to the family is shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies end happily. The unfortunate circumstances surrounding the deceased child are often as individual as life itself.

The grief over the painful loss is very deep, especially for the parents. A world collapses for the parents . Because they have already built up an intimate relationship with their unborn child during pregnancy. Relatives and friends are often at a loss as to how to help the parents of star children through this difficult time of grief.

What are star children?

If children already in the womb or during or die shortly after birth , they are called star children. Other names are angel children, silent miracles or butterfly children. These poetic names are meant to offer some comfort.

The name comes from the thought that star children forever children of heaven will be. Even if they never set foot on the ground or see the light of day, there they will shine brightly as a star up in the sky.

There are star children unfortunately more often than you think: Around 700,000 babies are born in Germany every year. You will be from approx. 90,000 to 180,000 star children added. Despite the fact that there are so many parents of star children, the topic has been discussed for generations taboo subject in society viewed. Just gradually established themselves through initiatives such as theVerein Herzenssache Sewing for Starlets and Premature Babies e.V..  one culture of appreciation and remembrance. MeinBabyposter supports the association and donates 50% of every Star Child poster sold.

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Spruch für Sternenkind

Giving comfort to parents of star children

Family and friends of star parents often don't know how to sensitively and respectfully treat theirs Share participation in the death of the child with the parents be able. Sometimes this leads to well-intentioned but misplaced statements. Behind such reactions is the fear of saying something wrong.

For star parents, however, this is hurtful. Below we share examples of how to offer comfort sensitively.

It's actually quite simple: Parents mourn the loss of their child. you need consolation and support in times of sadness and Help in the process of creating a keepsake for the Star Child.

Offer support to Star Parents

Depending on the individual family constellation, there are various ways of offering support to the grieving parents. For example, you can go to childcare offer if there are already children in the family. This not only offers distraction to the star siblings, but also gives the star parents freedom. Relief can also weekly shopping be performed or the family with pre-cooked food be taken care of.

Create keepsakes for star children

When a child is born, the new parents are inundated with gifts and congratulations. In the Birth of a Star Child looks different, because there marks the birth also death at the same time . Nonetheless, can carefully chosen gifts be presented to the Star Parents and thus that Star Child remembered become and its souvenir created will.

When Gift for Star Parents suitable weatherproof toy , which can be placed on the Star Child's Tomb. Alternatively, the Preserve memory of the Star Child become by a star child poster. On the star child poster can be chosen from different motifs, the background can be determined appropriately and a name and a saying or one or more dates can be adapted to the star child.

Here's to moreSouvenirs of Star Children we went into another blog post.

Spruch für Sternenkind

Star parents express pity

In our society it is anchored to be a person who has lost their partner or a parent to express condolences . This gives the grieving person credit for the suffering they are experiencing.

The parents of star children also go through unspeakable suffering and should definitely be given condolences. This can be in person or in a condolence card for the Star Child.

If you don't know how to send your condolences to star children, you can write it like this “I have no words for the suffering you must endure.” .

You can also express your sympathy with an emotional and reverential saying. We have selected a few particularly good examples:

Great compassion through small words: 11 short sayings for star children

  • Far from the stars and yet so close.
  • What you have deep in your heart you cannot lose through death.
  • A little angel came, smiled and turned back.
  • While other children learn to walk, you learn to fly with the angels.
  • When your little heart stopped beating, a star began to shine brightly.
Spruch für Sternenkind
  • Life is limited, but memory is infinite.
  • Very secretly, quietly, an angel went on a journey at night. Climbs the steps to heaven, left the path of life.
  • The way was too rocky, the mountain was too high, the strength was too weak and the breath too short. Then the angels took you in their arms and said: "Come up!".
  • You can't own angels. Sometimes they only accompany us for a short time, but we feel their wings forever.
  • There are moments in life when the world stands still for a moment, and when it moves on, nothing is the same anymore.
  • In every tear lives a drop of memory and with it a light that lives on.
Spruch für Sternenkind

Personalized memory of star children

Like all parents, the parents of star children also want to take their baby home with them after the birth. They furnished the children's room with a lot of love and imagined how their child will grow up there. However, that remains Children's room empty after the birth of star children , you Child does not come home and will there too not grow up .

It is all the more important for the parents of star children that they star child a place in their home dedicate, outside the memory and hearts of parents, also visible to family and friends . On reverent keepsake and a everlasting memory to the beloved star child that offers star child poster .

Star parents have the choice between various lovingly designed ones motives to represent your star child and can decide individually whether the poster one or more Data should contain and whether a Surname is added.

My baby poster supports that Club matter of the heart , who created a place of remembrance for star children: the Wandlitz/OT Schönwalde cemetery. It is decorated with memorial stones and a tree of silence, which invites the relatives of star children to linger and offers space for mourning and remembrance. 50% of the proceeds from the Star Child posters benefit the association.

    Spruch für Sternenkind

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