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Baby shower gifts

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Baby let's have a party!! Even before the child makes its way into life. Everyone likes to celebrate, whether young or old, with or without a baby bump. This is why baby showers are becoming increasingly popular. The independence can be toasted once more, which later turns into a harmonious responsibility.

Geschenk Baby Party

What is a baby shower?

First of all, who is considered to be the inventor of the baby shower It was the Americans! For her, the baby shower has a long tradition. They have been celebrating the arrival of the little earthlings in advance for generations. The celebration is named in the USA - baby shower .

When will the baby shower be held? Usually this party takes place two months before the expected date of birth instead of. At this time, the stomach is not yet bursting at the seams, mum feels good, her mood is great and contagious. Perfect, then the baby shower can begin.

Geschenk Baby Party

But who is hosting this celebration now?? Either it's the plump mom who is actively supported by her friends. Because preparing a celebration involves a lot of work and a little stress in advance. And all that expectant mothers do not need now is effort and unnecessary fuss.g.

They often organize too grandmothers or the future godparents , aunts and the remaining relatives the baby shower. Because the joy is great when you become a grandmother for the first time and this euphoria can be seen in the baby shower.

Geschenk Baby Party

It's always nice to see when the future mom surprised with the baby shower will. Because everyone likes surprises, especially when they are designed by friends and family. So if you have a pregnant woman in your acquaintance, relatives or family circle, dare and organize the best party of the year, which is intended for a little person whose arrival cannot be planned.

Geschenk Baby Party

Baby shower gifts

Baby shower gifts come in many different forms.

Classic gifts

They range from legendary rompers to cute cuddly toys. The nursing pillow, which can be recognized in soft colors, is still a popular gift idea. What young parents can always use well, these are Birth gifts for later daily life . Such gifts are often identified as small gifts, a velvety glove for washing, a baby bottle, a dummy chain, a haunted cloth.

Creative gifts

If you want it a tad more creative, then they are Milestone cards from MeinBabyposter a good choice. Followed by the plaster cast set for the abdomen. A diaper cake, which contains all the utensils for later life, is also gladly accepted.

Geschenk Baby Party

Discover milestone cards now 

Personalized gifts to remember

These gifts make it clear at first glance that the giver throughts about that did has what is brought to the baby shower. It shouldn't be a standard gift, it should be a gift that skilfully stands out from the many others. That easyh stands out because it is something special.

The personalized pacifier chain: With this, the pacifier does not get lost again and again. It is ready to hand before the next scream attack is due and soothes in advance.

The Personalized Baby Blanket: This keeps your baby nice and warm, and it can later be used as a crawling blanket when the first attempts at crawling are due.

The personalized baby poster: This is also a very individual gift. Having one made before birth makes little sense. That's why on oneVoucher from MeinBabyposter be set. A few weeks later, such a voucher creates a unique work of art that will forever adorn the wall in an impressive way.

Geschenk Baby Party

What is a personalized baby poster?

The personalized baby poster manages to capture the start in life in an expressive way. the highly emotional moment of life , is allowed to identify himself forever in the right picture. The personalized baby poster shows the little earthling in its full size and remembered in later years remember how small the addition to the family used to be.

The personalized baby poster follows the well-known saying:„It's often the little things in life that matter the most . They claim the heart for themselves and show what really counts in life. Such a baby poster, which is in the 1 to 1 scale indicates creative way skillfully point out how unique and beautiful the magic of life can be.

Geschenk Baby Party
6 designs

Become your own creative designer of the picture and choose from 6 different design suggestions. Both 6 different design suggestions 2 bestsellers have already stood out, which are always preferred by the designers.

7 colors

Also the background color of the baby poster can be determined by yourself. The baby poster, which serves as a birth poster, harmonises with the right color selection. It is made on a 1 to 1 scale and thus fits the style of the facility. It serves as the perfect wall decoration that gives your own 4 walls the perfect touch. The colors may: White, Gray, Beige, Pink, Green, Blue and Dark Gray to get voted. Which color can your baby represent impressively? You are the designer - you have the choice..

Geschenk Baby Party
Personal data

What would a personalized baby poster be without your child's personal information? It wouldn't be perfect! That's why the baby poster in the 1 to 1 scale the names carry your child. It may Date of birth , the Weight as well as the size show proudly. It can also be the time of birth immortalize it on the baby poster from MeinBabyposter.

Over 10,000 possible combinations

More than 10,000 possible combinations are waiting for them to be transformed into a trendy baby poster. With each specially set design measure, the poster gets its own individuality awarded. Every baby poster is a own personal work of art, a one-off, one-of-a-kind.

Geschenk Baby Party

A good alternative: the gift voucher

Since the dates of birth are not yet known at the time of the baby shower, a voucher from MeinBabyposter is the better alternative coupon lets the young parents in a few weeks to the designers and designers of the baby poster. A task that all parents will do with great joy. They draft - design - shape their most important painting of all. The euphoria in them is palpable, the joy to look at. With great enthusiasm, the parents set to work so that a painting can be created that their greatest family treasure on a scale of 1 to 1 indicates.

Last minute gifts

Life is always full of surprises. There comes unexpectedly one invitation to the baby shower fluttered into the house, in a few days this celebration will already take place , around the still unknown human child, already. Of course, nobody wants to come empty-handed, so the first considerations are made as to how the expectant mother can be surprised. A last-minute gift can be pulled out of a hat.. MyBabyposter likes to help with magic and supports actively at the gift selection .

Milestone cards for the first year of life

These can be conveniently order online . Mum and dad like to use the milestone cards from MeinBabyposter again and again. After all, everyone wants newly learned achievement of the offspring forever detained will. Milestone cards are made for that development from baby to toddler to write down . They are memory cards that reflect the most impressive moments of the first year of life.

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A voucher for a personalized baby poster

When it has to be done very quickly and best a present immediately should be, MeinBabyposter has exactly the right thing here too: A Voucher for a baby poster . Such a voucher is quickly organized. A page view of MeinBabyposter is enough. The right voucher is already waiting there, it can be easily obtained print it out right from home.

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Geschenk Baby Party

Milestone Cards: The first year documented

What are milestone cards?

They show how your infant in the developed in the first year of life has. After all, these cards accompany the sweet little newborn on the way to toddler . Everything your baby has learned in the first year of life is reflected in the milestone cards.

The milestone cards from MeinBabyposter consist of 45 cards . The 45 cards are in one DIN A6 format manufactured. They are ready for the big and small moments with the child and they offer space for them to come along photos and add personal notes will.

The special moments in a baby's life deserve not to be forgotten. They deserved it, documented and written down to become. Sometimes the right picture helps the specific time forever f to be recorded photographically . New parents enjoy the moments with their baby. The moments that bring a development boost are celebrated all the more.

Geschenk Baby Party

The parents are fascinated by the skills of their offspring. Her child is her greatest gift. the milestone cards from MyBabyposter show you again and again, how great your child has developed .

The little human child goes through many in its first months of life different growth phases , which are shaped by the development. The baby is always learning new things, it is learning itself unfold , it learns to communicate better and better and it learns to be Discover the environment in a playful way .

Getting to know life and always learning new things, everything revolves around that in the first year of the child's life. And that's why it is important , the to capture special moments of further development . These moments are strongly linked to the parents' personal happiness and pride.

Milestone Cards - They allow nice insights into the past

Because nothing in the world documents that progress of newborn life better than such cards. They provide information about when the first tooth appeared. When did the first good night's sleep open up. When the first attempts at crawling were started. Every single development step is given by the 45 small cards in a set again.

Milestone Cards - They make you wait for impressive important moments

You don't know what the next milestone card will be like, and that's a good thing. So the tension is high and the full surprise given when your child has learned something new, something unexpected. Eventually they form individual progress of the child . Let yourself be surprised and be there when the time comes. Hopefully the milestone cards from MeinBabyposter are too.

Discover milestone cards now 

The perfect combination: a personalized baby poster and the milestone cards

Why only decide for a 1 to 1 baby poster, why only the milestone cards, which are later filled with interesting and personal information, why not come up with both baby gifts in combination? This is particularly easy to implement with the right voucher. Parents will appreciate such a voucher because they are assured of gifts that are made to last forever.. 

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