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The perfect gift for a newborn

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As soon as mother and baby are back home after the birth, usually reach Lots of gifts the young family. Whether by post or handed over in person: cards, clothing, toys, vouchers and much more are given away. But what exactly are suitable gifts for a newborn What will parents be happy about And:: How to find a truly unique gift 

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What gift is suitable for a newborn?

If you ask people what gifts are for a newborn, they are Answers almost always identical : clothes such as rompers, socks, hats or jackets at the top of the list .

Also toy , such as gripping toys or music boxes, are often given as gifts. Others prefer to give away blankets, sleeping bags or crawling blankets. If you want to spend a little more, you might even give one away diaper backpack or one baby carrier .

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That are all beautiful, useful gifts , which make the first few months with the baby easier and more beautiful for the parents. However, you only need a limited number of rompers for a baby, one or at most two music boxes are usually more than enough .

And a diaper backpack is definitely enough. For most families accumulate however after birth more Rompers, music boxes and grasping toys for newborns than to be used .

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But what is the alternative? Because of course the new parents are happy about a gift for their newborn. In order not to increase the mountain of double and triple gifts even further, you can do two things: Ask the baby's parents if they have a wish list. If there is one, you can choose the right gift here.

If you prefer, the parents to to surprise , then you can choose a personalized gift. And it's a lot easier than you might think.

What are personalized gifts for a newborn?

A personalized gift for a newborn usually comes with that names of the child, one photos from the child or the Date of birth Mistake. So it's a gift made especially and exclusively for this newborn. Personalized gifts are as unique as the baby itself .

Personalized gifts for babies are usually not just pure commodities, but long-term memorabilia . Self-made collages, hand-sewn or knitted blankets, painted clothing and the like can usually be found after use their way i n the keepsake box for the baby .

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However, the production suchpersonalized baby gifts usually with one high expenditure of time tied together . Besides that requires the production sometimes creativity and skilled craftsmanship . But how to create a personalized gift for a newborn when time is short or creativity is lacking?

What personalized newborn gifts are there?

In the past, it was actually only possible for creative people and technically gifted contemporaries to design personalized gifts for newborns, but this possibility is now open to everyone: the new technical achievements have made it possible.

The range of personalized gifts for newborns is now so large that it is difficult to keep track of it. Most can from People without strong creative skills design, since products can be individualized on the website of the provider. These customizable baby gifts include:

  • Personalized pacifier chain: Different motifs and colors can often be selected. The dummy chain can also be provided with the baby's name. The dummy chain is then produced and delivered to you.
  • Blanket with personalization: A cozy blanket, which is usually available in several colors or with different motifs, is embroidered with the baby's name. The embroidery is done by machine at the manufacturer.
  • Personalized Document Folder: Vaccination card, U booklet and other important documents of the child can be kept in a child-friendly document folder with the child's name.
  • Personalized baby poster from MeinBabyposter: With MeinBabyposter you can create a very special baby gift. Using the configurator integrated into the website, you can choose between different motives and color variations to be selected. In addition, the poster with the names and more individual data of the child can be personalised. The highlight is the motif itself, which is 1:1 scale is shown: The motif is a baby who is in exactly the birth size of the newborn is mapped. so can parents and the child even accumulate for many years how tiny the child was to begin with.
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Design baby posters now 

    Gifts for mothers of newborns

    Of course it is after the birth the Newborns in the center of attention . After all, it's all about welcoming this new person into the world. It is therefore understandable that gifts are given primarily to the newborn at birth. However, it is also one nice gesture , the new mom with a small thing to to surprise . Because the birth of her child a milestone in life Here are a few suggestions as to which gifts are suitable for the new mum:

    • Memorable gifts:
    • support in everyday life
    • Wellness or pampering package

    Gift worth remembering

    The baby is growing up way too fast! Therefore it is beautiful a Footprint Set To give away. With this you can easily take a footprint of the tiny baby feet at home.

    A voucher for one Photo shoot for mom and baby is also a nice idea. In this way, this magical first time with the baby can be captured in the picture for eternity.

    Important: It should be a photo shoot with a photographer who specializes in photos of moms shortly after birth and their offspring.

    How about a one personalized baby poster? Surely the happy parents have pride Surname , size and Weight of the little bundle of joy announced. This information is sufficient to identify an individualbirth posterto design.

    Design baby posters now 

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    support in everyday life

    Instead of keeping the young family from starting their new family life with long visits, you could do that for the parents do the shopping . Have a shopping list sent to you and deliver everything to the door.

    If it is one or more older siblings there, then offer yourself as baby-sitter on. Because such a baby sibling can be very boring - even if the big one or the big children love it infinitely. And parents may not have as much time to go to the playground.

    When do you give the gift??

    Basically: The gift for the newborn is given after the birth and not before. Of course, you can also surprise the expectant parents with a little something during pregnancy. But it should be more of a pregnancy diary , a Treats basket for the pregnant woman and the Assistance with house or garden work act. There is no gift for the baby until the baby has arrived safely. It may sound superstitious - but that's how you do it.

    Now, of course, the question arises when exactly "after birth" is. Basically, that newborn gifts in the first 100 days be given after birth. The closer you are to the family, the sooner you will be able to present your presents.

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    Another (unwritten) rule also applies: Only close relatives and friends present gifts in person. Everyone else sends them by post. Because in the early days with a baby, most families are reluctant to have visitors. Anyone who has children knows: the first time with an (additional) baby is wonderful - and exhausting. If you don't have children (yet), you don't know (yet).

    Buy baby gifts online

    So if you've decided to surprise baby and mom with a personalized gift that's easy to design, that Here you can find out how easy it is to design the baby poster :

    You can take a look at the different versions of the baby poster on the website. Here's how to find out which one design You - or the recipients of the gift - like best. Once you have decided on a design, you can easily design the poster online.

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    A configurator is integrated into the website. This one is whole intuitive to serve . You need no graphic knowledge and you really don't have to be a computer ace.

    You will guided through the various options . That's how you can do it names and the Date of birth of the baby. You can Colours to adjust.

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    And of course you give it birth size of the newborn so that the baby motif in the 1:1 format can be printed. Now click on the order button. And then your personalized newborn gift is ready within a maximum of three working days.

    Design baby posters now 

    By the way: You can also get one for a surcharge matching frame n and you can do that gift , in nice paper packed up , sent directly to the new parents.

    Last minute gift tips

    Sometimes things have to go a little faster: Maybe that's it Baby born earlier than planned . Or your own life was so turbulent that you neither the time still the leisure found the right one gift for the newborn to search . Then you can still surprise parents and child with a baby poster: Even last minute!

    Just buy one on the website Voucher for a baby poster . You can then print this out at home and send it to the new parents or hand it over when they visit.

    Create a voucher now