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Birth Poster: Memories of the most special day in life

„The days are long but the years are short means something like: " "The days are long but the years are shortz“. This one sentence describes the time with children in a way that can hardly be surpassed.

Because even if straight every day for the first few years , and especially every night, endlessly long seems to be so is in retrospect look at them time flew by . The tiny baby that the new parents brought home from the hospital takes its first steps, goes to the day care center and is suddenly a school child.

To the Remembering those first magical moments to keep the little one awake, you can design a birth poster. That Birth poster by MeinBabyposter you can design it very easily and yet absolutely individually: This way, the birth poster will be just as unique as your baby.


Personalized birth posters

All parents who already have a big child know it: After just a few years, it is hard to imagine that the offspring was once so tiny. Even if the baby period seems eternal at the beginning, in retrospect it has flown by far too quickly. Of course it's wonderful when these tiny, delicate, helpless beings of the first few weeks and months grow into independent little people. Nevertheless think many parents now and then wistfully back to those early days full of magic .

Besides the endless photos stored on smartphones and digital cameras, there is one more Possibility to capture this first magical time: with a birth poster.

A birth poster is a poster showing the baby in original size you can see. Thanks to the numerous options for motifs, colors, positions, dimensions and optionally insertable texts, there are more than 10,000 possible combinations . This is how the birth poster of MyBabyposter with maximum personalization with minimal effort .View posters 

Give a birth poster

Rompers, bodysuits, baby toys or diaper cakes are the most common birth gifts. The selection in the area is huge and admittedly: the tiny little clothes and cute dolls and cuddly toys look really pretty..

That problem at these classicgifts for newborns  is, however, that almost everyone gives exactly these gifts. This means that the new parents have more rompers, music boxes and bodysuits for their offspring than they need for the first few months. Also, these gifts usually have no lasting value .

Most of the time, only the romper suit that the offspring wore on the way home from the hospital makes its way into the souvenir box for the baby. All other items of clothing are kept for other children, sold or passed on within the family.

Instead of relying on the classic birth gifts, it makes more sense to buy a Choose a gift that has lasting value, is individual and, best of all, creative . Because the birth of a baby is a milestone in the life of the parents, which deserves to be honored.

If the gift is chosen with care, it can be a lasting memory for the parents but also become the child. These special gifts include birth poster like that of MyBabyposter . This can be individually designed and is therefore (almost) as unique as the little one himself. Thanks to the numerous design options, the poster can also be customized design creatively according to your own ideas .


If you want to give your parents a surprise during the birth, you can give them one Voucher for a birth poster present. The voucher variant is also a good option for everyone who doesn't know the new parents and their tastes very well. Because then it is up to the proud parents themselves to choose a motif and to match the color to the interior design in the children's room.

 How is a birth poster made??

A birth poster from MeinBabyposter meets the highest standards in terms of design, can be customized to the maximum and is printed in high quality. By choosing a suitable frame, this exclusive birth gift can be made even more valuable.

Design: From idea to work of art

Design is like any art form: the result looks effortless to achieve. How much time and energy was invested in the creation of a design is not recognizable. The viewer only sees that the design is consistent. Design does not mean that the first flash of inspiration is put down on paper.

It is a process: it begins with the analysis phase. Here we first of all define which motif and which style it is about. In the next step, the design concept is created. This will discussed and adapted . Only then is the first draft created, which is then revised until until the result is optimal .


A team of designers and artists is involved in the process. This ensures that each poster design the highest artistic and aesthetic standards enough. And that in turn is a prerequisite for the birth poster to remain the visual highlight in the children's room for a long time.

Personalization: Maximum design freedom with minimum effort

A birth poster from MeinBabyposter is always as individual as the baby it is created for. Because about the Online configurator Motif, background color, text elements such as the baby's name, date of birth or size can be recorded.

Therefore there is over 10,000 different possible combinations how the birth poster can look like.

The online configurator is intuitively structured so that it no prior knowledge required to create an individual birth poster. So everyone can design an individual, creative birth poster that will impress the parents of the new baby.Design now 


Quality: From design control to printing

The most artistic design and the most creative individualisation only come into their own when the birth poster is produced in a high-quality manner. At MeinBabyposter, this means first of all that the in-house design team checks every individualized birth poster for any discrepancies.

The birth poster is printed exclusively in German printers . There are several reasons for this: First, the MeinBabyposter team can select the printers. In addition, German printers are on German quality standards , especially below health aspects , bound. And finally, the shipping routes are always very short, so that the delivery can take place promptly and without any problems.

Scandinavian style birth poster

A birth poster should be a visual highlight in the children's room for many years. In addition, it should fit very different baby and children's room furnishings. A stylish, trendy or too childish design is therefore inappropriate. MeinBabyposter has established itself as the design line for all posters for the Scandinavian design decided. Because this is Timeless , friendly and can be combined in many ways .

But what exactly is Scandinavian design? Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s and has its roots in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The core of the design is minimalism, functionality, bright colors and simple formality. The idea of the forefathers of the design trend, Alvar Aalto and Arne Jacobsen, was to create beautiful and functional objects that are not only reserved for the wealthy.

The Scandinavian design is created in such a way that objects, from furniture to accessories, can be created that are appropriate for every living situation and age group. It therefore made sense to design the birth poster with a Scandinavian design. Because this way will secured that it is itself can be customized in a number of ways . For this, simply the Online configurator used, which is integrated into the online shop. That Result of your own design variants review immediately on the screen .

And of course all design steps can also be undone - until the result is perfect. In the configurator, the child's name be entered. Then the one of the design that position of the child as well as the base color to be selected. Afterwards, the size , the birthday , the birth weight and optional also the birth time input.

Optionally, two children can also be shown on a poster - of course with names, sizes and other data. This means that the birth poster is also suitable as a Sibling or twin gift . In the last step, an optional Scandi-style magnetic frame can be added. Here, too, there are different variants to choose from. The result is a birth poster that is (almost) as individual as the baby itself.



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