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Birth plan:Mental preparation for the birth

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Theresa Koster
Theresa Koster

Only three to four percent of all babies come to calculated date of birth to the world. They are almost always heavier or lighter, larger or smaller than determined during the last examination by the gynecologist.

And the same applies to other births: It almost never works like that , how it the expectant parents presented to have. It's neither good nor bad, it's just natural. Despite this, or precisely because of this, it makes sense to draw up a birth plan. Why And what belongs in such a birth plan. You can find out here!! 


What is a birth plan?

Pregnancy and childbirth are an exciting time and event. Even the second or third pregnancy or childbirth is not routine for most women. Then: Every pregnancy and every birth is different. Despite this, or precisely because of this, an birth plan one good opportunity , you to the last phase of pregnancy, the birth and the first time with your little darling to prepare .

in one birth plan are you holding it Ideal course of birth Celebration. That means: You write down where and how your little darling should ideally be born. This way you can mentally to this big moment to prepare . You can and should also do individual points with yours partner or yours partner to discuss . Because that, besides you and the baby, is the next most important person when it comes to childbirth.


When you create the birth plan, this is also a good reason to think about how you will feel in the case of discrepancies want to decide on the birth plan. So it's also about one„Plan B“ to work out.

What does that mean specifically? Even if you are registered in a specific hospital, you may not be able to give birth there because the delivery room is overcrowded at the time. Or maybe you really want to give birth naturally and you're told during labor that you need a caesarean section.

Usually there is no alternative, because that's what it's all about life and the health of you and your baby. But in this way you have at least given some thought to the topic in advance.

Important : A birth plan that thoroughly prepared and realistic is created, provides a good foundation and source of information for your birth attendants. However, you should also know that a birth plan no legal obligation has. If the birthing pool in the delivery room is occupied, you cannot use it even if you had planned it that way. And, of course, the birth plan is always deviated from if there are medical reasons for doing so..


You yourself are not bound by the birth plan. You can change your mind at any time as long as this is organizationally possible and medically justifiable. And one more note: you don't have to create a birth plan . No hospital or birth center requires you to submit a birth plan.

What belongs in a birth plan?

Before we go into the actual content of the birth plan, a few preliminary remarks: The birth plan itself should as brief and concise as possible being. One or two pages are enough to record the most important information. You will certainly give a lot of thought to the creation of the birth plan and will certainly make significantly more notes and jot down questions.

But all this preparatory work does not belong in the actual birth plan. You can choose the birth plan write yourself or one template use to fill in. With the last variant, remember that you can simply cross out everything that doesn't fit or is relevant to you.

Here you can find them most important building blocks to include in your birth plan:

General Information

At this point, general information about you, your companion and your treating doctors is recorded:

  • Your name; Date of birth
  • Calculated due date
  • Names/contacts of your therapists: gynaecologist, midwife, possibly doula, pediatrician (if you already have one, for example because of an older sibling), if necessary family doctorch
  • Desired place of birth: which hospital, which birth center; including contact details
  • Details of your birth partner: This can be your partner; but also your best friend or a close relative (mother, sister); including contact details
  • If necessary: information on previous illnesses or other medically relevant health issues

Information on the phase of labour

This is about purely medical questions as well as things that can make the birth more comfortable for you:

  • In which phases of the birth should/may your birth attendant be present? When do you prefer to be alone?ein?
  • Wishes for the phase of labour: Do you want to lie/sit or walk around?
  • Desired birth position: lying, sitting, standing
  • Information on the subject of labor induction / labor promotion
  • information on pain relief
  • Is a water birth an option for you??
  • Requests for Aids: Ball, rope (to hold on to)
  • Clothing requirements: Private clothing or hospital clothing

Information about the actual birth

Information about Plan B should also be included here. Because a vaginal birth is not always possible or can an episiotomy/perineal tear be prevented.n.

  • Should/may your companion be present at the birth?
  • Where should/may this person stand??
  • Can this person take photos of the birth?
  • Wishes on the subject of a precautionary episiotomy (to avoid a potential perineal tear)
  • Secondary C-section: Wishes in case a C-section becomes necessary
  • Who should hold the baby first? You or your partnern?

Information on the time in the hospital

Whether you're planning an outpatient birth or spending the first few days postpartum in the hospital, here are some points to include:

  • Should your partner cut the umbilical cord??
  • Should the umbilical cord blood be stored / donated?
  • Do you want to pick up the placenta??
  • Should the child be bathed??
  • Do you want to breastfeed? Are you looking for the support of a lactation consultant?n?
  • Would you like a family room??
  • Would you like an outpatient birth??
  • Would you like to have your little darling with you all the time or would you also like to use the baby room?
  • Would you like to have a visitor in the hospital or would you rather just enjoy the time with your child (and partner) first?

Timing of the birth plan

The nine months of childbirth seem to go on forever: most women have been longing for it since the first positive pregnancy test to finally hold her little darling in her arms . There are many milestones during pregnancy: the first ultrasound, the beating heart, the first picture of your child's face.

Reaching the 30 weeks of pregnancy is another milestone . Because even if your child would still be considered premature if it were born now, your child is largely fully mature at this point. Many gynecologists therefore speak of the„double 30“: SSW 30, body length of 30 cm.


From the 30th week of pregnancy you can by creating one birth plan begin. Before you start writing the plan, you should inform yourself in detail about the points to be recorded. That means:

  • Find out about hospitals and birth centers
  • Do a childbirth preparation course now at the latestrs
  • Talk to your gynecologist and your midwife about open questions about the birth and your concerns
  • If you want: Find a doula. These are not midwives, but women who accompany and support other women during childbirth without being medical staff.

And what happens when you have completed the birth plan Now show the completed plan to your therapists: your gynaecologist, your midwife and, if necessary, your doula..

Tip: Pack one Copy of the birth plan into yours hospital bag and one in yours maternity pass . So you are optimally prepared for all eventualities.

You can also use the last few weeks until the birth to take care of yourself mentally to the birth and the prepare for the first time with your baby . In addition to gathering information and learning from relaxation - and breathing techniques is a childbirth class also suitable for this: Here you can meet other pregnant women who have similar wishes, fears, hopes and questions. And a midwife who leads the course and can also support you mentally..


In addition, you can do a lot yourself to prepare for your baby. Surely you have already bought the first rompers or a cuddly toy. Maybe even that is it Furnished baby room? Then now is the perfect time to think about the room decoration. This also includes pictures.

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