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Baby Shower:Celebrate the anticipation of the baby!

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Theresa Koster

Strictly speaking, a baby shower would have to „We're waiting for the baby shower“ to be named. Because the baby shower is celebrated shortly before the birth of the child. In the context of primarily female guests, the pregnant women and her offspring, who still live in the womb, celebrated and gifted . With that, a baby shower is one early welcome party – because there is usually no time for that after the birth. Baby shower gifts should be useful, high quality or personal, preferably all three at once..

Baby Party

What is a baby shower?

Celebrating the birth of a child has long been a tradition in most cultures. In Christian regions, this birth celebration usually takes place in the form of a child's baptism celebration. This takes place, especially in Catholic communities, a few weeks after birth. A baby shower, also under the term „baby shower“ known, takes place before the birth of the child. This is the result tradition in the United States , where baby showers have been celebrated since the last century.

Baby Party

The baby shower finds classic two months before the baby's due date instead of. The date is chosen in such a way that the pregnancy is firmly established but it will still be a while before the birth. This way you can be sure that the baby shower for the expectant mother and the unborn child not too stressful will. Even if it is actually an American tradition, enjoy Baby showers in Germany are becoming increasingly popular .

Baby Party

What is a baby shower like??

The pregnant woman and the unborn child are celebrated with a baby shower. Similar to a bachelorette party, the Pregnant women do not have to take care of the planning and hosting of the baby shower themselves . Usually this is done by a close relative, such as a sister, or a taken over by a close friend . A baby shower is always planned by a woman. Sometimes several women come together to plan and organize the party for the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

Baby Party

Baby shower guests include everyone People who are important to the pregnant woman. These are primarily female relatives such as mothers, aunts, sisters and cousins. Friends, colleagues and neighbors are also often on the guest list. More and more men are allowed to take part in baby showers. However, they are in the minority and usually have to complete special tests as part of the party.n.

A baby shower is about to have a good time together . Therefore there is food, mostly cakes or finger food, drinks and party games. the party games are all related to the topics of babies, pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood or parenthood. The special: The expectant mother may himself sit back and the hustle and bustle amused watch . Because the games have to be played by the guests. The room in which the baby shower takes place is attractively decorated.

Baby Party

If the sex of the child is already known, blue or pink balloons or pennants can be hung up. Once in a while will the baby shower also become a Reason taken, that Child's gender or name to announce. In that case, the baby shower will too „Gender Reveal Party“ called.

Baby shower gifts

As befits a proper party, there are many at a baby shower gifts : The gifts are given to the pregnant woman and her little tummy dweller. But the guests at the party usually don't go away empty-handed either. As a farewell, every guest at a baby shower usually receives a gift. Sweets in the colors of the sex of the unborn child are popular.

Baby Party

Classic baby shower gifts

One of the classic baby shower gifts is anything direct relation to pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood or the first few weeks of the baby's life. These include the following gifts:

  • Romper for newborns
  • stuffed animals
  • music boxes
  • nursing pillow
  • (pretty) nursing shirts
  • diaper bag

Creative baby shower gifts

who like it something fancy like, he chooses one creative gift out to the baby shower. These gifts may also be useful, but they do not only serve this purpose. Typical creative baby shower gifts for the pregnant woman and the unborn child include:

  • diaper cake : Diapers arranged in the shape of a cake. Other things are usually baked into the cake as well, such as pacifiers, wet wipes, breastfeeding tea, etc.c.
  • Plaster cast kit for abdomen : With such a set, the pregnant woman can create a lasting memory of the pregnancy. The plaster cast can also be painted. Matching colors can therefore be given as gifts.
  • Milestone cards from MeinBabyposter: This is a set of beautifully designed A6 sized cards commemorating classic milestones from 1 month old to Told Dad. These cards can be placed next to the baby when theder Milestone to be captured in a photo target.
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Personalized gifts to remember

Close relatives or friends in particular would like to give the mother-to-be a very special, personal gift. Personalized gifts to remember are sure to find their way into the child's souvenir box, so that the child and the parents can still be happy about such gifts even after many years.

  • Personalized pacifier chain : A dummy chain is an extremely practical gift. Because without a pacifier chain, pacifiers are quickly lost when the offspring is lying in the pram and throws the pacifier to the side. Personalization makes it a memorable gift.
  • Personalized birth poster from MeinBabyposter : Even more personal is a personalized birth poster. Because this is not only personalized with the name of the child, but it shows the little earthling in the size on the day of birth . Of course you can do that too Date of birth and more personal data not missing. These are not yet known during the baby party, so theGift voucher from MeinBabyposter be resorted to.
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What is a personalized baby poster?

A personalized baby poster from MeinBabyposter offers the opportunity to capture the magical moment of birth: the poster shows an artistically high-quality picture of a baby who exactly the same size to the centimetre is, how the baby , for which the poster is designed, on day of his birth is.

Baby Party MeinBabyposter

In addition, names, date of birth and information on birth height and birth weight can be entered. But that's not all: With the baby posters from MeinBabyposter you can choose from one Variety of different image designs choose, adjust the background color and, if desired, also add a frame. This is how e into a real one-off , the so individual l is how the gifted baby himself .

The baby poster can remind you of the time when everything was new in the children's room. Just a few months later, the miniature human, who is usually no more than half a meter tall at birth, is already much larger. Then it is hard to imagine even for the parents , how small their offspring was recently . The baby poster is a beautiful reminder of that time.

Baby Party MeinBabyposter

Should a Baby poster given away for baby shower be, then of course this can handed over not finished yet will. Because neither the actual date of birth nor birth size and birth weight are then known. Therefore, at the baby shower a coupon be presented for the baby poster.

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Last minute gifts

Sometimes it takes too long to think about what the perfect baby shower gift is. Or a handicraft project fails and then another gift has to be found quickly. Or in everyday stress there was simply never the time to choose a suitable gift. Then this is it Baby posters from MeinBabyposter are the ideal solution .

Baby Party MeinBabyposter

As already explained above, it is simply impossible to have the finished baby poster ready for the baby shower. So you definitely have to have one coupon present. And this one works just print it out at home . Therefore, the gift can actually be completed at the last minute.

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If there are still a few days left until the baby shower, then you can Voucher with a set of milestone cards combine. Both can then nicely packaged be presented. The perfect gift for the baby shower is ready, which the parents and the child can look forward to for a long time.

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