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Baby gift for boys

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Theresa Koster
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„There is magic in every beginning!“ – This quote from Hermann Hesse does not apply to any event in life as perfectly as to the birth of a child. Accordingly, many people from the environment want the birth of the new earthling Celebrate properly with the parents: with a suitable baby present.

Baby Geschenk für Jungen


But what is a suitable baby gift for a boy On what other occasions do you give gifts to babies in their first year And when do you give the baby gift to the little boyen?

Meaningful baby gift for boys

Family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues - the list of people who want to surprise the little boy with a baby gift is long. Therefore, the question arises as to which baby gift makes sense.

According to which criteria should the baby gift be selected? And how can you prevent the family from receiving the selected gift from numerous other well-wishers 

Most people play it safe when it comes to baby boy gifts and choose one of the classic gifts from: baby clothes, toys and the like. There is a risk that rattles, bodysuits, pacifiers and pacifier chains, cuddly toys and the like will pile up in the baby's room.

Of course, the new parents are happy about every gift and all gifts show the joy and sympathy for the happiness of the parents. But it really is not useful , if parents Gifts double and triple receive.

So it makes sense something unique to give in the truest sense of the word. These are gifts that are either handmade or otherwise personalized, such as a poster from MeinBabyposter. 


Baby Geschenk für Jungen

With a personalized poster by MyBabyposter can you give a baby gift for a boy that is as unique as the little human himself . In addition, you do not run the risk of your own gift being presented by others at the birth.

Starting at EUR 45.00 with free shipping

Popular gifts for the birth of a boy

On the part of the giver, therefore, play it safe gifts are particularly popular for the birth of a boy. But what are the most popular gifts for the birth of a boy if you ask the parents?

Of course, parents are happy about little gifts like the ones described above. A baby gift for a boy does not always have to cost a lot. Unfortunately, bodysuits and rompers are usually given away in the smallest baby size, which the little boy will soon outgrow. An alternative is to give clothes one size larger or a voucher that is nicely wrapped. Of course you can also just ask the parents. More and more expectant and new parents have one wish list , from which potential well-wishers can choose something.

The first year: gifts for which occasions?

Anyone who has children of their own will remember: throughout the first year, not only the family, but also friends and neighbors give the offspring small or large gifts. the first occasion for a gift is naturally the birth . But also other occasions in the life of the newcomer and celebrations are reason enough to hand out baby gifts for boys:

  • Baptism : In many Christian families, baptism is the first big celebration at which the person to be baptized meets a large part of his family. On this occasion there are of course always baby gifts for the little boy. For a baptism, a baby gift can also be a little larger.
  • Christmas : For the first Christmas, even distant relatives usually give the offspring baby gifts.
  • birthday : The first birthday is another milestone that comes with baby gifts for both girls and boys. The little ones aren't really babies anymore, they're toddlers.
Baby Geschenk für Jungen

    Tips for buying baby gifts

    That ideal baby gift is a present given by enduring value is. Such a gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. But it should have lasting value. This means: It is not a gift, like a piece of clothing that the child has outgrown after a short time. Rather, it should be about something accompany the child for a long time .

    Baby Geschenk für Jungen

    Personalized gift for boys

    The birth of a child is associated with almost indescribable emotions. A couple suddenly becomes parents, a family. And even if it's the second or third child for a family, the miracle of birth never diminishes. Because every person is unique.

    Therefore should Birth gifts , especially if they come from close relatives or friends, as personally as possible being.

    If you are creative and skilled with your hands, you can design patchwork quilts, paint pictures, create photo albums or decorate candles.

    But also people who less artisan-creative are, can a individual and high-quality birth present create for the offspring:

    With My Baby Poster you can Surname , size , Weight , motive , background color and select frames individually, so that over 10,000 possible combinations to choose from. In this way it is ensured that the giver is really a unique present can hand over.

    Starting at EUR 45.00 with free shipping


    Gifts to commemorate the birth

    Especially family members and close friends of the family like to present traditional birth gifts . Classic baby gifts for boys include:

    • Building savings contract or savings book : Here, a one-off sum is either paid in or the donors feed the savings continuously.n.
    • birth spoon : A silver spoon is a valuable gift that is usually individualized by engraving the name of the child and the date of birth.
    • memory box : The first footprint, the onesie from the hospital, the first photo, a lock of hair, the baby card are all beautiful memorabilia of the first magical time with the baby. These can be collected and kept in an individualized memory box..
    • tree : If the baby's family lives in their own house with a garden, a tree for the birth is a beautiful symbol. Because the tree grows with the child. And after a few years, the child can even harvest fruit from their own tree.


    Baby Geschenk für Jungen


    When do you give the gift??

    Baby gifts are becoming a classic only after birth presented. Many people even consider it bad luck to give a baby gift before the birth. But when exactly should a baby gift be handed over after birth?

    Usually the baby gifts in the first days and weeks after birth hand over. Surveys have shown that 80 percent of all baby gifts go to both boys and girls in the first 100 days after birth be presented. When is the right time within this period of time depends on several factors:

    1. How should the baby gift be presented to the boy and his parents

    Basically there is two possibilities : The gift will personally surrender or it will by post sent.

    Tip: Anyone who buys a baby gift from an online shop, like MyBabyposter ordered, should make sure that it is the„gift wrap optionn are. Because a pretty packaging underlines the value of a gift again.

    2. How close are the givers to the newborn and their parents 

    The closest family and possibly the best friends can pay a short visit in the first few days after the birth to congratulate and present the gift.

    The more formal the contact between the giver and the baby's family is, the more time should have elapsed after the birth if the gift is to be handed over in person.

    Little gift etiquette: The right age for a baby gift

    What the right baby gift is depends next budget and closeness to family of the baby even after time , to which the present is to be given. Because a gift that is appropriate in the first month of life can make less sense later and vice versa:

    • 0 to 1 month: A poster of MyBabyposter sets a monument to the small miracle. It is that ideal baby gift for boys in the neonatal phase . The high-quality print of a baby can be personalized in several ways: size of the child who Surname as well as that Date of birth but also the background color can be selected individually.
    • 1 to 2 months: On rainbow poster is a wonderfully colorful and at the same time stylish decoration for the children's room. The many options for the colors, the text fields and the optionally available frames create a very personal baby gift for boys.
    • 2 to 3 months: At this point, a personalized playmat is a fitting gift. When choosing, attention should be paid to skin-friendly, easy-care materials and high-quality workmanship.
    • 3 to 4 months: Now is the ideal time for customized baby shoes. These look cute and are sure to find their way into baby's keepsake box.

    Buy baby gifts for boys online

    A baby gift for boys from MeinBabyposter is always as individual as the little one himself. The high quality manufacturing ensures that this baby gift will decorate the children's room for a long time. The entire ordering process can on-line take place. thanks to the intuitive design of the design process are no previous graphical knowledge required . If there are any questions, they can be solved very quickly via the chat integrated into the page. Once the order is sent and payment is made, it takes time maximum three working days until delivery . Theoretically, a baby poster can already be delivered by the post office to the little one when they come home from the hospital with mum and dad. If you wish, let yourself in suitable frame and a nice wrapping paper ordered directly. Then the parents only have to knock a nail into the wall and can immediately hang up the unique picture in the children's room. This makes the baby poster the perfect welcome gift that will decorate the children's room for a long time.

    Baby Geschenk für Jungen

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