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"We're having a baby..."

A contribution from our employee Lilli Möller

Mama liegend mit Baby und Mein BabyposterA positive pregnancy test and the joy is great in a few months the dream of having a family of your own will come true. But what will happen to your own body in the near future What can you expect as a mother-to-be With our overview you are well prepared for the next 9 months until the birth.t.

1st trimester (1st - 12th week of pregnancy) A positive pregnancy testt

With the first trimester you dive into a new phase in your life: you are pregnant and you want to tell your loved ones immediately and celebrate the moment. But no champagne, please Alcohol is taboo now. Just like some other foods, for example raw fish, raw fruits and vegetables. You should limit your caffeine consumption as much as possible and focus on folic acid intake. This is contained, for example, in spinach, lettuce and asparagus. You will quickly notice what is currently good for you. take care of your body In this way you support the healthy development of your baby's nervous system. It is also advisable to see a midwife in good time. Especially in larger cities, the search is often not that easy. The first ultrasound examination is due in the 12th week. A particularly emotional moment as you will see your baby's heartbeat for the first time. These check-ups usually take place every 4 weeks to check whether mother and child are doing well.

2nd Trimester (13-28 weeks) Growing belly and childbirth classs

The 2nd trimester is usually perceived as the most beautiful phase of pregnancy. The nausea disappears and the tiredness decreases. You're feeling fitter and should think about where you want to deliver the baby. Many mothers look for a suitable clinic and visit it beforehand to make sure they feel comfortable. Physically, the baby bump is slowly becoming really visible and you will notice from your clothes that suddenly everything doesn't fit you anymore. Exercise can help you keep feeling fit. Swimming is very relaxing and yoga is also great for pregnant women. Basically, you should not exceed the amount of sport you did before you became pregnant and always listen to your gut feeling. From the 15th week of pregnancy, your gynecologist can make a statement about the gender of your baby. An exciting moment for many parents and also important information for finding a name for their offspring. Another important test is the gestational diabetes test. It is carried out between the 24th and 28th week. Another to-do for this time is to take part in a childbirth preparation course. Find out what options are available in your area. There are now crash courses that are offered at weekends.

3rd trimester (29th-40th week of pregnancy) the anticipation increasest

The last three months of your pregnancy have begun. This phase is usually particularly strenuous. The baby bump is round, movements are more difficult and thoughts revolve around the upcoming birth: will everything go well how will the contractions feel A nice aspect in the phase: the initial equipment. The eyes of mums-to-be light up: Shop for the first baby outfits, but of course also get hygiene items such as wet wipes, skin care products and diapers. More life is breathed into the children's room: perhaps the walls are newly wallpapered, furniture is selected and set up. Personal pictures and personalized baby posters can make the children's room more comfortable. Our birth posters in 1:1 scale are a nice idea. There are various design options when creating your own baby poster: In the first step you have the option of selecting the basic color and the design. In the next step you can add further information such as the maiden name, the date of birth with time, as well as height and weight. In the last step you order your personal baby poster and receive this individual production on a scale of 1:1 sent to your home free of charge. With my baby poster, the memory of the little baby in your own belly is preserved. Once the baby is born and growing so fast, it is often forgotten how small it used to be. In addition to cuddly toys and pictures from pregnancy, the little treasure also has its place in the children's room with the personalized baby poster. All other necessary utensils such as prams, changing tables and Co. must also be purchased. The birth is getting closer and from the 32nd week onwards the check-ups take place every two weeks. From the 33rd week, the gynecologist will issue you with an official certificate of the expected due date. However, some women may go into labor sooner than planned. It is therefore advisable to have already packed the hospital bag from the 34th week of pregnancy. In urban areas, you should also secure a pediatrician before the birth. Neighborhood moms can be a good starting point. The birth is now imminent and hopefully you have completed the most important preparations. Soon you will be able to hold your little darling in your arms. It is an indescribable miracle how this being grew up in your stomach for 9 months and then sees the light of day. Here's to a stress-free birth and an unforgettable first time with your family.e.