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Why I gave away my baby poster

A guest post from our customer Leonie P. from Baden-Baden

Foto von MeinBabyposter.de Kundin

At the age of 35 I have held many a newborn from family and friends in my arms. But again and again you think: Oh, how small they are at the beginning, I had completely forgotten that again.

My 4-year-old niece Greta was also amazed when she discovered her old Babybay in the attic - I used to fit in there?“

This is one of the reasons why a 1:1 scale baby poster is such a special, individual souvenir.

I can't even count how many times I've bought gifts for births and baptisms. Again and again one is faced with the question of what makes sense, what can the child use for more than just a few months, what does not wear out so quickly, what does the child not lose, etc.

When I became a godmother, I didn't just want to give away the typical dummy chain with my name or the embroidered pillow or the personalized children's book for a christening. I wanted to get something for my godchild that would still be intact even when it turned 18. Something we can revisit together and spark a conversation about the past together. Something that is easy to keep as a memento, but doesn't necessarily disappear in a box or drawer.

I think the baby poster is a perfect gift for that.

Often you don't even remember what time you were born (even mothers forget that) and imagining how small you were is very difficult anyway.

The baby poster is timeless, it doesn't wear out and even if you don't want to leave it hanging in the children's room at some point, it will surely find a nice place somewhere in the house that will always remind parents and children of this very special first time.