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The perfect reminder with My Baby Poster

A contribution from our employee Lilli Möller

Foto von KundinMany months before the birth of their offspring, parents-to-be look forward to the enlargement of the family circle. So it's no wonder that the apartment or house is equipped with modern, high-quality furniture and the walls are freshly painted, there are elegant decorative objects to be found and all living and sleeping areas and of course the baby's first room are prepared accordingly for the reception of the new citizen .

With one of our My Baby posters you can complete the new feeling of living in your own four walls! To do this, attach one or more of the My Baby posters to the walls in the various rooms and then enjoy the atmospheric and contemporary ambience of our unique birth posters.

Of course, this should be the case above all in the baby's room, but one of the fantastically beautiful birth posters from the My Baby Poster section can also be hung above the mother's and father's bed. Of course, the birth poster is also a very special gift on the occasion of the birth of the new citizen! You can therefore give the poster away to friends or acquaintances, to aunts and uncles and maybe even to your neighbors and colleagues.

Our posters are designed in a modern design language and processed to a very high standard

Designed with delicate and very filigree brushstrokes, My Baby Poster is a successful design object that is not only suitable for furniture and home accessories that are in the appropriate Nordic style - it also blends perfectly into other furnishing styles. The frame that holds the picture also has a magnetic back. This means that you can simply remove the birth poster and take it with you if you are planning to move to a larger apartment or even your new home. Then simply remove the My Baby poster including the frame from the wall and put it back on the wall in the desired place in the new child's room. Enjoy the unique and simple look of the poster, which adapts perfectly to the walls thanks to the successful design language.

Hang on the wall in the new children's room

This makes my baby poster a successful reminder of the first weeks of life, which can become a constant companion for you and your child in future life and will bring you a lot of joy. Maybe in a quiet moment you just want to look at the drawing every now and then and remind yourself of the most important moment in your life as a small family. The image can also be attached and detached as often as you like. For example, if the offspring develops a different taste in living as they grow up and at some point wants to put the birth poster on the wall in a new place in the room. Even storing it away in the closet is not a problem if he or she wants to take the baby poster out of your sight for a while to bring it out again at a later date and hang it up.

All you have to do to order the poster in the frame is choose the basic color and design and then enter all important data such as the name and the day your child was born. In addition, you must enter the height and weight of your offspring on their birthday and of course the exact time in the individual fields.

As soon as we have received the order from you or your friends or acquaintances, we will start making the magical baby poster for you. After the production of the unique poster, we will send it to an address of your choice, well packaged. Of course, the shipping is completely free of charge for you, since we take care of the shipping costs for you. To pay for the poster, you can choose one of the various payment options that you can find on our site. Pay for the baby poster with your credit card or by bank transfer, select PayPal or Klarna as the payment method or decide to pay by Amazon Pay.

If you would like to get an idea of the uniqueness of the poster as a first step, you can read the many different reviews from other buyers, who have consistently commented positively on the baby poster and its quality. We would be happy to advise you if you have any questions about the poster. You can call us or send us a short message. We will then contact you at short notice and help you at any time.