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The most popular names of 2022

A contribution from our employee Lilli Möller

The positive pregnancy test - a moment that you will never forget in your life. The (pre)joy is huge! For the parents-to-be, this also means that there are a lot of preparations to be made. One of the most important tasks is probably the following: finding the right first name for the offspring. The baby will hear his name 35 times a day on average. Many cultures associate the choice of name with a wish they have for the child's future. And indeed: the choice of name has a significant influence on life. Depending on the name, characteristics are attributed to a person, at least unconsciously.

Die beliebtesten Vornamen des Jahres 2022

So choosing a name is sometimes not that easy. Many parents-to-be go through long lists of names together, carefully studying the meanings. Others try to create an individual and particularly imaginative name idea. Sometimes there are already favorite names, but the partner doesn't like them. It is well known that tastes differ. Still, there are a few names every year that appeal to new parents. These names make it into the top 10 list of most popular baby names.

Top 10 girl names in 2022

10th place: Lea

Lea means something likeThe lioness. In 2021 the name was still in ninth place, this year it has fallen one place further down.

9th place: Ida

Ida is a High German name and meansthe working. Last year, the name didn't make the top 10 for girls' names. Now the name is enjoying growing popularity.

8th place: Lin

Lina made it into the top 10 most popular baby names this year. means linathe soft.

7th place: Clara

Clara is also among the rising names. The name is gaining popularity and has moved up a spot compared to last year. Clara comes from Latin and meansthe bright or the luminous.

6th place: Ella

Ella has been enjoying increasing popularity for 30 years. Also in 2022 the name with the meaning the sunny or the beautiful not missing from the top 10 most popular baby names.

5th place: Emma

Emma is an evergreen among German baby names. Emma meansthe size. Compared to last year, the name fell one place in the top 10.

4th place: Sofia

Sophia has been a trend name for decades. The name has risen three spots since 2021. Sophia meansthe way.

3rd place: Hannah

Hannah has topped the top 10 most popular girl names for years. Not in 2022! Hannah meansthe madam.

2nd place: billion

Mia, on the other hand, is becoming more and more popular and has moved up one place since last year. Mia meansthe gift of God.

1st place: Emily

Emilia is the most popular German girl name in 2022! The name is not new in the hit list, but it knocked Hannah out of first place. Emilia meansthe industrious.

Die beliebtesten Vornamen des Jahres 2022

Top 10 boy names in 2022

10th place: Luis

Luis meansfamous warrior and is the Spanish spelling of Louis. Last year, the spelling Louis was seventh in the top 10 most popular boy names in Germany. However, this one has now completely disappeared from the top 10.

9th place: Luca

Luca is the Italian spelling of Luke. Luca meansthe shining one.

8th place: Theo

Theo is the eighth most popular name for boys in Germany in 2022. The name made it into the top 10 last year too. Theo meansthe gift of God.

7th place: Henry

Henry has been growing in popularity for years. In 2022, the popularity will increase again. Henry meansthe mighty ruler.

6th place: Leon

Leon has been in the top 10 most popular boy names for a long time. For several years in a row it was considered the most popular name for boys. Most recently he was still in second place. Leon meansthe lion.

5th place: Emil

Emil is the male counterpart of Emilia. In 2021, the name was still in tenth place in the top 10 boy names. Emil meansthe diligent.

4th place: Elijah

Elias is brand new among the most popular names in 2022. Elias comes from Hebrew and means my God is Yahweh.

3rd place: Finn

Finn has been consistently in the baby name charts for years. Finn meansthe Finnish man.

2nd place: Noah

Noah comes from the Hebrew and meansthe consoling one. Also this year he is among the top 10 most popular baby names for boys in Germany.

1st place: Matteo

Matteo is and remains the most popular name for boys in Germany. As in 2021, he leads the top 10 list. Matteo meansthe gift of God.

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Die beliebtesten Vornamen des Jahres 2022

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Die beliebtesten Vornamen des Jahres 2022

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